43 Animals Dressed As Other Animals For Halloween

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Halloween is upon us and that means it's time for costumes. Human costumes are fine, but the real gift of Halloween is the sight of animals in costumes.

Halloween is a time to be whatever you can dream of being, even if that means being a different species all together. Here are 46 animals dressed as other animals, to varying degrees of adorable annoyance.


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Reminder: Some pets don't like human clothes so please don't force the issue if yours is one of them.

1. This guy, who has just accepted that he's a bear now (so, for the love of all that is holy, no one let him near a bear because he will try so hard to be friends).

2. This dog, who does not seem totally pleased with his demotion to lady bug.

3. This dog, who would very much like to make sure someone takes his Halloween costume off before Thanksgiving.

4. This cat, who is the most metal goat we have ever seen.

5. THIS cat, who is the least majestic lion we've ever seen.

6. This ferocious SharkRoombaCat, a species whose natural prey is apparently cute ducks.

7. And these Roomba Sharks, who should be the stars of a Pixar movie:

8. This dog, who has really gotten into character as a lazy lion.

9. This dog, who seems to know nothing about lions but is PUMPED to be one anyway.

10. This dog, who seems largely indifferent to his lion-ness.

11. This dog, who looks more like an actual lion than a dog really should.

12. And this lion dog, because people can't stop dressing their dogs up as lions.

13. Seriously, lions are the Elsa from Frozen of dog costumes. Just say no.

14. This cat, who was born to actually be a lion.

15. And this one, who makes us want to own a lion.

16. This shark cat who is too much cat for its shark.

17. This aggressively unhappy Panda Dog.

18. And these:

19. This cat who puts the dogs' panda hate to SHAME.

20. And this actually happy Panda Dog because we want to prove that some animals DO like pandas.

21. The Beatles got it wrong: Doggo is the walrus.

22. These painfully confused dog penguins.

23. This dog-turned-seal who probably preferred having legs.

24. And this one, who definitely did.

25. This pun-tastic cat fish.

26. The equally pun-tastic cat-erpillar.

27. This dog, who has VERY Halloween-dedicated owners and hopefully loves being a leopard.

28. What does the fox say? He says "RUFF RUFF, HELP I'M ACTUALLY A DOG."

29. This ferocious tricera-pups.

30. This dog, who is a basketball-playing raptor now and proof that you really CAN be anything you can imagine.

31. This unicorn dog, who wishes you couldn't actually be anything your human can imagine.

32. This magical butterfly pixie pup who seems fine with being whatever you can imagine.

33. This cat who, like you, is not sure what animal he is supposed to be but knows he doesn't like it, whatever it is.

34. This cat-bunny, who is proof of why cats are not the mascots of Easter.

35. This dog, who proves all dogs are Left Sharks at heart.

36. And this one, who seconds the motion:

37. This scary attack lobster dog.

38. This dog who probably has body image issues after being called a cow all day.

39. These circus-ready former dogs, particularly the elephant.

40. This guy, who floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, and still falls like a cat.

41. This skunk dog, whose parents have a twisted sense of humor.

42. This bear-dog, who is my new personal fitspo.

43. This cat, who thinks becoming a dinosaur was a step down on the food chain.