21 Cat Photos That Will Make Laugh Until You Cry

Regular cats doing regular cat stuff is great, but these cats have gone the extra mile, and are worthy of appearing in this prestigious list.

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"Um, what do you think you're doing?"

Let's be real, you received ample warning.

"Pfft. I know."

Results of cost-benefit analysis unclear.

"He purrs so loud the shampoo bottles fall over."

"I caught it fair and square!"

Cats know what cats are about.

"Again! Again!"

Hey, this is a judgment-free zone.


That is legitimately brilliant.

"So these are what, like, pre-birds?"

"I was going to watch you use the toilet, but on second thought..."

One always tells the truth, the other always lies.

This cat is too beautiful to be real.

A clear health code violation.

"No brush! Only play!"

Consider it done.

Way better than a massage train.

She's on fire tonight!

Mission accomplished.

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"Um, what do you think you're doing?"