24 Of The Funniest 'They're Right Behind Me, Aren't They?' Moments

Because creepers gonna creep.

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"When the person you're making fun of is right behind you 🙀🙀🙀"

"I have this really strange feeling like I'm being watched..."

"Kevin Bacon? Nah, never heard of him."

"How I react when someone is encroaching on my personal space."

"Dance like nobody is watching? That's the worst advice I've ever heard."

"Hoo dat?"

"🎵 I always feel like somebody's watching me.... 🎵"

"Don't. Do. A. Thing. ... Their vision is based on movement."

"We've traced the call - it's coming from inside the house! GET OUT NOW!"

Submarine Commander: "Raise periscope." Ensign: "Aye captain."

"Cutest. Photobomb. Ever."

"Every breath you take / Every move you make...."

"I feel like I have a shadow. Or a stalker. Or a shadow that's a stalker."

"Spidey sense: Tingling"

"When the paparazzi moves in for a closer shot."

[LONG SIGH] "I used to sleep there. #notmadjustdisappointed"

"That's the last time they take a picture without me!" -- this cat

"Rabbits have a near 360 degree view. It can definitely see the dog!"

"Blink twice if it's still behind me."

"Look at me: I'm the Captain meow"

"Watches the new 'Halloween' reboot ONE time!!!"

"You didn't see what I saw, MARIE. YOU DIDN'T SEE IT."

"That's it, Christmas is officially CANCELLED" -- this dog

"Run away run for your lives run for the hills just run run run run away"

This Man Dug For Hours To Save Kittens Dumped In Trash

"When the person you're making fun of is right behind you 🙀🙀🙀"

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