20 Pets With Crazy Good Camouflage Skills

These disappearing cats and dogs have found the perfect hiding spots. You'll never find them. They're like chameleons, except they're not reptiles, and they don't actually change their skin color. So... not like chameleons, really.

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Easy to photograph until she blinks.

White cat on white throw.

Cat? What cat?

Cat's tail emerging from underneath coat.

One of these things is not like the other.

Black cat sitting behind shower curtain patterned with black cats.

Now... she waits...

Tortoiseshell cat blending in with shoes

An excellent purchase.

Shaggy white dog wrapped in shaggy white rug.

Expert hide-and-seeker & musical prodigy before she gets her grownup teeth!

Kitten hiding inside a guitar.

Wolf in sheep's clothing, the remix.

Cat sitting on blanket patterned with wolves.

This is a tripping hazard if we've ever seen one.

Black dog sitting on black bathmat.

Loading... loading... loading...

Black and white cat next to black cat.

By the time you see him, it's too late.

Tortoiseshell cat blending into carpet.

The predator uses its natural environment to its advantage.

Black cat sitting on rug patterned with black cats.

Introvert cat wants to know if the guests are gone yet.

Cat hiding behind microwave.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

White cat on white sheets

He's doing his best, OK?

Dog failing to hide behind a curtain.

Clever girl...

Fluffy cat on fluffy throw rug.

Guess which one always wins at hide and seek.

Black dog and white dog in the snow.

"The cat is missing. In unrelated news, we just got new hardwood floors."

Orange cat on hardwood floor.

Can you spot the dog?

Spotted dog on rocky beach.

"And you'll NEVER see me coming."

Black cat standing in front of black television screen


White dog popping out of white blanket

How to Tell a Drake from a Duck

Easy to photograph until she blinks.