Cats Reacting to New Wildlife Doc About Big Cats is Basically Cat Inception

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"Jojo has been looking forward to tonight’s #Dynasties"

"My tiny cat thinks it’s a lion"

"Kitty: Me ferocious too."

"30 seconds later, they ran away from a shadow"

"Froze immediately at the very site of her big cat counterparts"

"UPDATE: Stepped inside for a closer look 😬"

"My cat, Indy, is engrossed in this episode of #Dynasties"

"I'm really into this show! Their scratching posts move! #Dynasties"

"She’s following every big cat move. Complete concentration."

"Storm is really loving the lions on #Dynasties 🐾😂"

"Not sure who enjoyed it more #Cats #Dynasties"

"My little lion is transfixed by #Dynasties"

"Learning tips and tricks from the big guys"

"Smudge can't look away!"

"My cat never reacts to TV but I think #Dynasties has her attention"

"One day, I'll be as big as you"

"Myra is mezmerised"

"Buddy is unimpressed by Charm leaving her cub 😭 #Dynasties"

"Think she recognizes her distant relatives? #Dynasties"

"The cats have taken custody of the remote control."

"Dad??? Is that you?"

"Like this for an hour curled up to sleep the second the credits rolled."

"I think Jasper cat wants to join the pride 🦁🐱 #Dynasties"

Dog Who Thinks She's Pedaling A Bike Will Make You Awww So Hard

"Jojo has been looking forward to tonight’s #Dynasties"