17 Adorable Pets You Need To See Right Now

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Stop whatever you're doing and gaze upon these 17 darlings.

1. #blessed with this Boo.

2. "Now I don't even need the peoples."

3. "Wait. Never mind. I need the peoples."

4.  My mouf is big.

I bite the air.

I cannot see it, but know it's there.

5. Narrator: "He was not invisible."

6. Yes, beware of the dog.

7. He just got adopted.

8. If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

9. " Pat-a-cat, pat-a-cat, baker’s man. Feed me some cat food as fast as you can."


11. "When I was a kitten I had to walk uphill on a dog both ways."

12. Sometimes your best adventure buddy is adopted.

13. "I won. I killed it."

14. And here is a cat, being, well, a cat.

15. She has been training for this moment for months.

16. She's trying to earn money by doing chores.

She's saving up for a fancy scratching post.

17. The first awooo.