17 Adorable Pets You Need To See Right Now

Stop whatever you're doing and gaze upon these 17 darlings.

1. #blessed with this Boo.

2. "Now I don't even need the peoples."

3. "Wait. Never mind. I need the peoples."

4.  My mouf is big.

I bite the air.

I cannot see it, but know it's there.

5. Narrator: "He was not invisible."

6. Yes, beware of the dog.

7. He just got adopted.

A happy smiling dog that just got  adopted
credit: anjaeka333

8. If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

A cat that looks kind of stoned
credit: imgur.com

9. " Pat-a-cat, pat-a-cat, baker’s man. Feed me some cat food as fast as you can."


11. "When I was a kitten I had to walk uphill on a dog both ways."

12. Sometimes your best adventure buddy is adopted.

13. "I won. I killed it."

14. And here is a cat, being, well, a cat.

15. She has been training for this moment for months.

16. She's trying to earn money by doing chores.

Cat holding phone so her person can watch tv on the phone
credit: randomlapis

She's saving up for a fancy scratching post.

17. The first awooo.