16 Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship

Some cats can be a little standoffish. Some dogs really can't take a hint.

1. Nothing says "I love you" more than jumping on top of someone and kicking them in the face multiple times.

2. The gaze of longing.

Dog looking longingly at cat.
credit: Reddit

3. It's a matter of perspective.

Dog protecting kitten.
credit: Twitter

4. Pupper doin cat a serious bother.

5. As if the cone wasn't humiliating enough.

6. The cat might not appreciate it, but this looks pretty cozy.

Cat cuddling with two dogs.
credit: Imgur

7. "That's enough for today."

8. Gross.

9. "Oh no you don't! Get back here, friend."

10. He squish because he love.

Dog pouncing on cat.
credit: Reddit

11. "Respect my authority, dangit!"

12. Sometimes the tables are turned.

Cat nuzzling dog.
credit: Imgur

13. "Isn't sunshine great?"

14. Lesson learned? Maybe.

15. "Just a little nuzzle -  okay, never mind."

16. "And stay down!"