The 18 Cutest Animals on the Entire Internet

We're here with a heavy heart to announce that the internet has run out of cute animals. This list is all that remains.

Just kidding, we'll never run out of cute stuff! Check out these adorable examples.

1. This turtle who has a taste for toe beans.

2. This cat who's beautiful just the way she is.

3. This hamster who lives like royalty.

4. This kitten who has fallen in love.

5. This bird who is very suspicious of strangers.

6. This rat who loves gossip.

7. This dog who has just given up, basically.

8. This baby giraffe who wants to tell you a secret.

9. This unlikely pair about to do each other a boop.

10. These kittens who are being hypnotized.

11. This bird who has something special for you.

12. This kitten who is determined to be more interesting than a computer.

13. This dog who dissolves in water, oh no!

14. This kitten with an apocalyptic sort of vibe.

15. This dog who has made some regrettable decisions.

16. This cat who just got her mind blown.

17. This rat who has good taste in children's movies.

18. These squirrels who had a very merry Christmas indeed!