20 Ridiculously Fluffy Animals

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Technically, all mammals have hair, but these critters have taken it to the next level. They're beyond hair. They're beyond fur. They have achieved fluff.

1. Beautifluff.

2. "My pupper is small and scruffy, but one day he will be a big floofer like me."

3. Blow dried to perfection.

4. What a fluff! Absolute unit.

5. Fluff from the top of his ears to the tip of his tail.

6. "Am fluffer. Can has donut?"

7. Need to make a cute animal even cuter? Add fluff!

8. It's a tough job being this fluffy, but someone has to do it.

9. Your dog is fluffy, but is it secretly-a-sheep level fluffy?

10. Nice kitty shares fluff with less fluffery siblings.

11. Confirmed fluff-o-rama.

12. Like a cloud with whiskers.

13. Superfluff!

14. That tummy... so tempting...

16. "He had to get his leg shaved for an IV. Proof he is 98% floof"

The truth comes out. Always.


Video of the Day

17. Fluffy cows? Yes and please!

18. Did you know that clouds like tummy rubs?

19. Give this fluffer a treat right the heck now.

20. Invest in a vacuum. You won't regret it.


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