18 Animals Who Want You to Pet Them Forever

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Instructions for petting an animal:

1) Pet the animal.

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2) Continue petting the animal.


3) Repeat step two until permitted to stop.

Spoiler: They won't let you.

1. You know you're doing it right when they lose control of their tongue.

2. Reverse kitty biscuits.

3. "Keep going, I'm just gonna close my eyes for a sec..."

4. Can you hear the purring from here?

5. Quoth the raven, "yes pls more"

6. Raise your hand if you want to be reincarnated as this dog.

7. "Hey! Did I say you could stop?"

8. The spot: you found it.

9. Apparently owls like scritches. Hoo knew?

10. Technology has revolutionized the petting racket.

11. What will they think of next?

12. Pat the... bunny?

13. Not clingy, just making sure you know who's in charge.

14. "Gee, you're good at petting. You otter do this for a living!"

15. Body language can be a very effective form of communication.

16. This porky boy has been pining for some belly rubs.

17. "Please don't make me beg. I'm not that kind of dog."

18. Yup, this is heaven.

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