17 Adorable Pets Being Extra Delightful

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Here at Cuteness we are experts at cute. Here are 17 cats and dogs who are not just cute, but are being extra delightful.

1. And he shall go forth and be cute.

Video of the Day

My favorite kind of streaming.


2. "Iā€™m getting guilt tripped about going to the movies. Look at those feet! How do you say bye to those toes"

Such convincing toes!


3. Favorite part of my job is feeding Max his treat everyday.

Being adorable IS his tip.


4. My goodness.

So snuggly!


5. This cat is upside down. Still cute.

Gravity ā€” who needs it!


6. This might be the sweetest thing you see all week ...

Moms rock!


7. Here is a cat wearing a bandana standing on bubble wrap.

Random, but cute.


8. The most adorable escape ...

Don't worry, she's fine.


9. "Sometimes I think I understand cats, but then..."

Cats are very mysterious.

10. The cutest standoff ever ...

An uneasy, but adorable truce.

11. "Hello, Internet. Please say hello to Zevon and Farrokh. šŸŠšŸŠ"

Well, hello!

12. "What are you doing, hooman."

Baffled by humans = cute.

13. Little, pointy fangs are way cute.

Haha, that face is too much.

14. "Guess I'm not allowed to travel anymore"


15. We can't get enough little barks.

Oh gosh, listen to them here.

16. "Share pics of your foster kittens #HowToWinAtTwitter"

Being cute wins Twitter.

17. Relaxation Mode: Activated

Get someone to treat you the way this person treats their pup.