People Are Sharing Closeups Of Their Cats' Eyes And We Can't Stop Staring

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Good luck getting anything done after scrolling through this list because productivity is officially cancelled.


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1. What planet does this breed of cat come from?

2. Oh. Marble. God.

3. House panthers FTW!

4. Just call her Seattle because she has emerald orbs in place of eyes.

5. WARNING: Items left in close proximity to this tabby are guaranteed to self-combust.

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6. Is this a joke to you Karen?

Judges: "We'll allow it"

7. "Kitten eyes are my kryptonite. Watching them develop is the most amazing thing"

8. Peepers gonna peeps

9. "Tell me about your problems, Brenda, I'm here to help."

10. TRUE STORY (MAYBE): When Lou Reed penned "Pale Blue Eyes" it was a tribute to this cat.

When muse meets mews

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11. Sorry, were you saying something? Because we are 100% spellbound.

12. "What can I say, they were a gift from my mahm. Good genes and whatnot."

13. BREAKING: We know now where two of the missing Palantirs from the LOTR franchise are.

15. Much majestic, so floof.

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16. "Eyes brighter than my future"

17. Cozy goals: Unlocked

18. Turn the high beams down, kitteh, you are blinding the other drivers.

19. Why so smug?

20. I'm not saying this is David Bowie in cat form but I'm also not not saying that.