23 Dogs Who Already Gave Up On Their New Year's Resolutions

A whole lot of hoopla is made about New Years Resolutions despite the statistics that say only 20% of people are still holding on to their promises by February. If you made some resolutions this year and you're starting to slip, you're in the vast majority. With this heavy of a failure rate, instead of feeling guilty, let's commiserate that change is really hard and we're all doing our best. To get the empathy ball rolling, here are 23 dogs who have already broken their New Years Resolution.

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Spy less on the neighbors

Stop shopping online

Never hit the snooze button

Go for more walks

No sugar

No social media after 7 pm

Stop chasing squirrels

Eat less shoes

Only engage with friends who make you better

Stop using the credit card so much

Get stuck in the cat door less

Don't get on the table and eat an entire chicken

Stop waking my person up at 5:30 am to play fetch

Read an actual newspaper more often

Be a better influence on the younger generation

Don't chew half the couch

Stay on top of bills

Keep bedroom office organized

Walk 5 miles every day

Jump on the table and spill everything less

No more double dates with cats who never offer to pay

Stop midnight snacking

Practice healthy communication skills and patience

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Spy less on the neighbors