22 Thoughts You Have When Your Pet is Your Valentine

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V-Day is upon us. It's a day of love and hugs and kisses—so, basically, an average day with your pet. The good news is, that means that if you don't have a human companion to call your valentine, you're already 100 percent set.

Here are just some of the thoughts you'll have when your dog or cat is your ride-or-die valentine.


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1. "Hmm, that's not how I imagined my valentine reacting to a rose, but whatever."

2. "Sometimes the old ball and chain can be pretty needy."

3. "But I always know she cares."

4. "I must show off my love with selfies."

5. "Thank god bae loves selfies, too."

6. "This 'gram is going to get so many likes."

7. "I never thought I'd be part of a thruple, but YOLO."

8. "Make that a...four-ple? Who am I kidding? The more the merrier."

9. "Counting down to the goodnight kiss."

10. "Mmm, you're such a good kisser."

11. "But the neighbors will see."

12. "Can we just lie here and cuddle for a while?"

13. "Hold me forever, please."

14. "You what they say: You're always hurt by the ones you love...or something like that."

15. "People are always trying to mack on my honey."

16. "Yeah, I know everyone is jealous."

17. "I never knew rejection could be this cute."

18. "We don't need to plan anything fancy—just spending time with you is enough."

19. "This is what love is."

20. "Wait, no, this is what love is."

21. "I can't wait to wake up next to you."

22. "I've officially found my soulmate."


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