18 Pets With Spines Made Out of Rubber

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It's a well known fact that cats are 90% liquid, but they're not the only ones who are ridiculously (and sometimes unnervingly) flexible.

1. Seriously, this hurts just to look at.

2. What a twist!

"Why you wake me up, hooman?"

3. This might be, like, five cats. We have no idea.

4. 🙃

5. TFW you can't decide which comfortable surface to snooze on.

6. The best way to cuddle.

7. It might be time for a bigger bed.

8. How else is she supposed to keep an eye on that suspicious tail?

9. olnǝɥ

10. Uh oh! Someone screwed the feet on backwards!

11. A self-portrait by renowned artist Labrador Dalí.

12. Mad skills.

13. "halp I haz dropped my keys"

14. What a delicious looking cinnamon bun!

15. "We're pretty sure her father was a balloon animal"

16. Only the strongest willed people could resist giving that paw a little high five.

17. Yogis all over the world are seething with jealousy right now.

18. Cat? Snake? You decide!


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