20 People Who Were Adamantly Opposed To Getting More Pets

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When resistance is futile and the snuggle is real.

1. "Throwback when my father 'absolutely, under no circumstances wanted anything to do with a second puppy' in the house."

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2. "This is my dad and Parker, who he is allergic to and swore he would never love, and now asks about her all the time when I call him and always wants me to bring her home."

3. "Dad: I don't want another dog. Also Dad:"

4. "My mom: 'We are not getting another dog. Especially another puppy. It's like raising another child. Too much work.'


Also my mom: 'We got Stella a Batman shirt to keep her warm.'"

5. "Okay fine, I relent but he will NEVER EVER be allowed in our bed. Period!”

6. "My man says he doesn't like cats and this is how I found him one day after a hard day at work"

7. “We’re not getting a dog” [stomps foot for effect]

“We’re not getting a second dog”

“We’re not getting a third dog”

"'We're not getting a fourth dog' coming soon! 😂😂"


8. "We’re not getting another dog, don’t ask me again”

9. "'Like I always say, if it were up to me we wouldn't have any pets' 😆 ok Dad."

10. "'I don't even like dogs' - my father"

11. "'i DoNt wAnT aNotHeR dOg nICole' - my husband who is now obsessed with my friends puppy we’re watching"

12. "My boyfriend said he didn’t want a cat but I get pictures like this daily"

13. "We should probably wait, now isn't a good time"

14. "She can stay for the weekend. On Monday, she goes to the shelter."

15. "I named the kitten after his favorite beer in the hopes they would bond. I think it worked" 😁 😁 😁

16. "We can’t have another dog ... It’d be too expensive and we can't handle the extra responsibility."

17. "My mom, before getting a dog: 'WE ARE NOT GETTING A DOG!!'"


"My mom, after I got a dog: 'Okay, but he sleeps in the garage!'"

"My mom, same night after getting dog: 'Okay, he can sleep inside but he can't go upstairs!'"


"My mom, after finding my dog upstairs: 'Okay, but he can't go climbing on to the beds!'

"My mom right now:"

18. "This is my husband who 'hates' cats."

19. "Was mad at me when I told him I was coming home with a kitten, this is him literally 5 mins after meeting her and this was his profile picture for literally a year and a half."

20. "My dad who puts on a good front when he says no more animals. He gives in first everytime lol. This is only one of the four dogs my parents own."