18 Of The Most Exceptional Pets on the Internet

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We have scoured the internet to bring you 18 fine specimens of cat and dog. Some are cute, some are funny, and some defy explanation.

1. George wanted to go to the dog park.

2. "Wherefore arf thou Romeo?"

3. I think the cat is trying to tell him something.

4. Here it is, the best thing on the internet ever...

5. Paws, the Lego movie we need and deserve.

6. That did not end how I thought it would end.

7. Here is a cat with a little unicorn.

8. Those snowflakes didn't know what hit them!

9. The best beach baby ...

10. Our new favorite show, "Dogs In Boots."

11. The term is "chonky."

12. Impurrvious to your attack.

13. Fun fact - Corgis are born without bones.


15. I think the puppy is growing on him.

16. This dog, patiently humoring his person.

17. Here is a cat, in all of his glory.

18. If you have to ask ...