17 Of The Funniest Cats and Dogs On Twitter, And Some Ducks Too

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Here are some of the funniest animals on Twitter, just for you!

1. "That's cool. We'll just follow you home."

2. Soup is really good.

3. Someone looks kinda proud of himself.

4. "Nothing!"

5. Someone is planning revenge!

6. Yummy!!

7. Farm pups love poops!

8. Also, farm pups are excellent at pointing out farm animals!

9. Almost famous, indeed.

10. The answer is BOTH.

11. Cats are naturally graceful and glamorous, as everyone knows.

12. Mondays are hard for everyone.

13. Well except for cats, who totally know how to relax on a Monday.

14. Beware the hungry monster!

15. "What, am I in the way?"

16. "Home now please!"

17. Confirmed. We are cat people.