50 Faces Dog Owners Can't Say No To

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Resistance is futile!

It's something all dog owners can relate to: Your pup's been doing something they shouldn't, like munching on a prized pair of flats or rooting through the garbage can.


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And you're naturally irked about it.

But then the four-legged scofflaw in question flashes you an adorable look and your anger just melts away.

Such, anyway, was the inspiration for a sprawling thread on Facebook in which dog parents were moved to share pictures of their woofs acting all irresistible and coy, the best and funniest of which have been collected below!


1. "She isn’t allowed on the bed. Until she does this of course."

2. "Come on now."

3. "She literally gets everything she wants."

4. "WHO DID THIS?!?"

5. "I would give this dog everything in my savings account."

6. "His face is so powerful I did not post a close-up for the groups safety.πŸ˜‚"

7. "23/10 would say yes to this face everytime."

8. "Can we stop at Starbucks for a Puppuccino?"

9. "Still does puppy eyes and head tilt despite being almost 12."

10. "Cheese please."

11. "When your dog catches you looking at pictures of cats."

12. "'We call this the 'the play with me mom' look!"

13. "I see you has pizza... That's funny, because I also like pizza...."

14. "This one is impossible to say no to, look, you can’t. He’s too adorable."

15. "Like a balloon, I just float away whenever this happens."

16. "They test my nerves daily, but those eyes get me every time. 😩"

17. "Just can’t say no to this baby."

18. "RIP my resolve and willpower."

19. "How can I say no to that face 😍😍😍? Asking for a friend."

20. "Oh hai."

21. "I have bad anxiety and insomnia. Around 3am my boy smiled at me one night and I lost it. He was so adorable I gave him 2x the cuddles."

22. "Can't say no to Bo."

23. "The struggle is real with this dude."

24. "Just like a Jedi with their mind tricks, no one can say no to DobbyWanKenobi."

25. "She knows she's not supposed to sleep on the couch and yet here we are ... "

26 "She's basically figured out how to weaponize tail wags against my better judgement."

27. "Have you ever seen anything so pure?"

28. "It only took less than 5 minutes before I relented and let her out."

29. "Them bleps are the key to unlocking my heart."

30. "So shoe laces aren't chew laces? Got it."

31. "Reggie has that look down to a T πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚."

32. "Guilt Trip Modeβ„’: Activated."

33. "The mess in the kitchen? I don't know anything about that."

34. "This is my cue to 'drop' part of my sandwich on the floor."

35. "This used to work pretty well. Still does."

36. "Netflix and cuddles are the way into my good graces β€” and he knows it. Oh does he know it."

37. "Himalaya loves to buy attention with that look."

38. "I swear he knows to do this with his ears if he's been bad and wants to get back on my good side."

39. "My Riley Babes knows how to work the room to get what he wants!"


41. "Good luck trying to hold firm against this face."

42. "My big goober, Jake. He melts my πŸ’“"

43. "Why are older dogs so good at that? Years of experience."

44. "Freddy always gives me extra snuggles in the morning when I sit down to put my shoes on because he knows I'm about to leave πŸ˜‚."

45. "I couldn't even scold her, she just looked so cute lol."

46. "Jagger has a way of getting what he wants! ❀️"

47. "Irresistible, amirite or amirite?"

48. "Someone really wanted a bite my bacon πŸ₯“ roll πŸ₯–πŸ˜‹. Spoiler: It worked!"

49. "This exact look will be the death of me."

50. "He acts like he's not more spoiled than the actual human grandchild."