21 Animals Failing Adorably

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Look, everyone does something embarrassing from time to time. These animals just had the bad luck to fail on camera.

1. This is the saddest thing we've ever seen.

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2. "Human, I require your assistance."

3. "Alexa, give me a synonym for the opposite of 'nailing it.'"

4. Presumably they have other skills.

5. Tents are complicated, OK?

6. When you just want to cuddle, but gravity and too excitement conspire against you.

7. "I'm very comfortable, thanks. Why do you ask?"

8. If at first you don't succeed, keep trying the exact same thing, and then give up.

9. That look of betrayal.

10. "I don't know. The hamster made it look fun."

11. Gravity strikes again.

12. Sneak attack fail.

13. "Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"

14. Too excited to fail.

15. 🎵 Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat 🎵

16. Points for enthusiasm.

17. Could be a fail or a success, depending on what the goal was.

Actually, what is the goal here?

18. Ball is life.

19. "Don't judge me. It's just water weight."

20. Maybe switch to gymnastics instead of swimming.

21. "Why am I still thirsty?"