17 Things All Corgis Disapprove Of

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These corgs are 100% not hecking having it.


1. Posing for photos on a bad fur day: "Someone was not a fan of the family selfie yesterday."

2. Mom-enforced grooms using the carrot-and-stick approach: "You want a treat? [pause] First you've got to take a bathie."

3. When breakfast is late: "Hooman! Food! NOW"

4. Being pressed into service as a wingman: "My dad is single, born 1993, handsome, enjoys dancing, and movies. Call him he won't disappoint."

5. Other pups stealing the spotlight: "Butch disapproves of me giving attention to anyone else but him" (unmute for the disapproval to fully register).

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6. The silence when you flip a record: "My husband stopped petting her. This is her reaction."

"Who disabled autoplay mode on my Netflix account? I *demand* answers, dammit!"

7. No-fly zones: "Luanne will not be told to get off the coffee table."

8. Long walks on the beach: "Very very judged at Corgchella."

9. People who move the goalposts: "Owen is still figuring [stick] things out 🤠."

10. Clingy partners and PDAs: "When you wake her up and have to live with your mistake."

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11. Amazon Prime orders w/o tennis balls: "I know you’re sending all these flowers to yourself, Sharon 🙄 #Desperate #JudgingYou 📦"

12. Cosplay when it's not Halloween: "Rokko disapproving of his costume 😅'Mahmm, do I have to wear this...?'"

13. And headwear: "Kyla disapproves of baths and costumes. Mom loves both!"

14. Social media photo cheats: "Iris disapproves of Snapchat filters."

15. The Easter Bunny: "NOPE!"

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16. Alarm clocks: "Lola disapproves of Mondays mornings, I disapprove of her way of showing disapproval."

17. The 'draw me like one of your French girls' meme: "Theo disapproves of lazy Sunday 🙄"

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