15 Pet Predicaments That Will Make You Laugh & Cringe at The Same Time

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Warning: Facepalm GIFs, 不不不 emojis, and cries of "relatable" and "this is my life now" incoming.

1. "So, long story short, we ended up getting a dog door."

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2. "Husband went to go put on his slippers..."

3. "Our sweet Fozzie Bear used to nestle himself between the toilet and the sink in our old Brooklyn apartment. Right before we moved, I managed to capture this wonderful activity on camera as it was happening."

4. "He really didn't know how to get back down."

5. "After a tennis ball stuck in our lemon tree fell in front of her, my dog believed with all her doggie heart that the lemon tree was a tennis ball tree. She spent hours staring, waiting for the next ball to ripen and fall. Occasionally she would catch a lemon instead-DISAPPOINTED!"

6. "My three month old German Shepherd elected not to wait the four seconds it would take me to stand up and open the door for her and instead shimmied through the cat flap"

7. "Whim's first night with me she pulled THIS ISH when I was taking selfies. That's how I knew we were meant for each other."

8. "We stop paying attention to her for ten minutes..."

9. "Bizzy freaked out when her pal Leo tried to kiss her."

10. "Dog sitting for Mojo one winter day. That evening, he goes outside per usual, but stays out for 20+ minutes. I call him at the door, hear a rustle and a trot, and in walks Mojo... ...wearing an entire sheet of Xmas lights from one of the shrubs out front."

11. "The cat does not understand alone time"

12. BECAUSE TEAMWORK: "I swear this is true: Cats couldnt open the door, always wanted outside. Dogs could open the door, no interest in going outside. One morning theres commotion. I go look: door's open, cats frolicking in snow. Dogs eating biscuits from the box knocked off the top of the fridge."

13. "My toilet trained, extremely territorial house bunny was so mad I had a friend stay in the spare room one summer that he snuck into her room and peed and pooped in her suitcase to express his displeasure. It was hard to express my apologies through the tears of laughter."

14. "Treated herself to a litter box buffet; was thoroughly depressed about the consequence of a bath and sat like this the rest of the afternoon"

15. "My very weird cat loves to be squirted with water in his butt."

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