17 Of The Funniest "Am I A Joke To You?" Animal Memes

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The dankest memes are often both extremely niche and highly mutable.

Case in point: The "Am I a joke to you?" meme, which first found life online as a reaction image plucked from an obscure South African soap opera but has since evolved into a popular joke format capable of being bent around almost any topic or headline.


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Of interest to readers of this website, however, is one very specific sub-genre of the AIAJTY meme framed around critters.

While the particulars vary from example to example, the construction is largely the same: A pet or animal is pictured with some sort of physical representation of themselves (or their breed).

And the doppelgängers, as you'll see below, are almost always greeted with 0-effs-given-level scorn and derision — if they are even acknowledged in the first place.

1. "My culture is not your pancake."

2. "no dad"

3. "Look at me Jonathan. Look into my eyes!"

4. "Karen, we spoke about this."

5. "Found this amazing statue at TJ Maxx. Oslo isn’t sure about it."

6. "When you can't afford a second dog"

7. "Bake me, like one of your French cats."

8. "Got a pillow of my dog for Christmas. She was ... not pleased"

9. "What the effing heck is this, Carol."

10. "Am I a joke to you hooman?"

11. "My people bought a new pillow and this happened ರ╭╮ರ"

12. "Is Inception a joke to you, Brenda?"

13. "He protecc He attacc But most importantly He gives kisses bacc"

14. "How to clone a dog on a budget"

15. "He may have some disapproval about his floral portrait I made lol"

16. "Alfie disapproves of the kids' new lap desk"

17. "You think this is a hecking joke? No one here is laughing, Janice."


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