Just 20 Dogs Walking Other Dogs

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Because some pups are natural born leaders.

1. "I took my new puppy friend, Zoe for a walk this morning. We had the best time playing together! 💕 #followtheleader"

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2. "Perhaps Myshka’s favorite thing to do (besides eat!) is walk her sister. She always is SO proud of herself and Birdie is the best sport about it."

3. "Can I take the big dog for a walk?"

5. "It's a throwback to the time when my uncle Max tried to walk me 🤣"

6. "Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

7. "Professional dog training is a TRAIN of dogs holding each other's leashes down the street!"

8. "Look i know it’s not a great photo but that’s a dog walking another dog ok"


10. "Why walk the dog when your dog can walk the dog?"

11. "C’mon, Wyatt. Ava is taking you for a walk. 🤠🐾"

12. "If I can teach them to open/close doors and drive, I won’t even have to be there."

13. "Dogs walking dogs...what’s next? 😜"

14. "It's nice to be able to take the afternoon off and leave things in Opie's capable hands. Here he is taking Wilf for a walk and keeping Bear in check. 😂"

15. "Georgia offered to walk Wiley for me today. 😂"

16. "Just taking my sis for a casual stroll, NBD 🐩🐾"

17. "Meet my dog" - this dog, also a dog

18. "Camden is the HPIC (Head Pup In Charge). She runs a tight ship around here! 🐶😂"

19. "We are off for the weekend so Hendrix has stepped up to hold the fort for us!!"

20. "Come on Winston! Get your butt into the car!"