17 of the Funniest Animals on the Internet

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Need a laugh? Here's 17.

1. Helper Meerkat > Helper Monkey

2. Who else is obsessed with Chrissy Teigen's hamster?

3. Hop your bunny at least once a day.

4. We love you too, dog.

5. We have solved the mystery of the missing socks.

It's adorable.

6. This cat is #goals

7. Lookit!

8. He loves a healthy snack!

9. Look at the weird dog.

10. Yep.

11. We could use a dig, too.

12. And a good beach run.

13. Okay, what we really need is to be a dog on vacation.

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15. It's always the catler.

16. "No work. Only pet."

17. Who could resist petting this dog?!