17 of the Funniest Animals on the Internet

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Need a laugh? Here's 17.

1. "My dad is an electrician in a zoo and look how he spent his morning I'm crying"

Helper Meerkat > Helper Monkey


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2. Who else is obsessed with Chrissy Teigen's hamster?

3. "Sentient soccer ball excited about the possibilities the new Vitamix affords. Middle aged lesbians who bought the thing would very much appreciate being given access to it, but are giants suckers who are unwilling to relocate him. Stand-off is entering its second hour."

Read more about this gripping saga at USA Today!


4. "My boy enjoying the breeze!!!"

5. We have solved the mystery of the missing socks.

It's adorable.


6. This cat is #goals

7. "You guys. Lookit my dog.

8. He loves a healthy snack!

9. "Remember when I said my dog was weird?"

10. Yep.

11. We could use a dig, too.

12. And a good beach run.

13. Okay, what we really need is to be a dog on vacation.

14. Filed under: Things We Could Watch Forever

15. "It was the catler in the dining room with the laser-shooting eyes."

16. "No work. Only pet."

17. Who could resist petting this dog?!


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