16 Cats Who Think They're On A Reality Show

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Please do not tell them otherwise.

1. This passionate couple who can't keep their paws off each other.

2. The cat trying to steal your boyfriend.

"Me: 'Dylan wants to be Ethan's GF'"


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"Everyone: 'She's a cat'"

"This morning, after I got up, Dylan was like this."

3. His first single drops next week.

4. This co-dependent couple.

5. The drama queen who is always getting into tense situations with cast and crew and won't leave her dressing room until everything is just right on set.

6. The cat who insists on dramatic CLOSE-UPS.

7. Her makeup line comes out next week.

8. The cat who needs to be the center of attention.

9. The celebricat who is contractually obligated to push strategic product placement.

10. The cat who's always through shade at her stylist.

11. Day drinking champagne and sitting in the sink, purr usual.

12. The cat hoping to someday win the Oscar for Best Dramatic Performance.

13. The one who is always inebriated.

14. The fan favorite.

15. The one who is always telling the other cats off.

16. The cat closing out the season with a cliffhanger that will keep everyone guessing.

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