16 Pets Who Think Books Are Dumb

Books are direct competition for lap time and people's attention, therefore, books are dumb.

1. "I'm gonna eat this book up, and then what will you have, hooman?"

Cat biting book
credit: scumbagcoley

2. "So boring I falls asleep."

Westie asleep on a book
credit: ludwigrx

3. "Surely you can do something better than read this drivel."

"Is my litter box clean?"

4. "Dis dumb. I bite."

Kitten biting book
credit: Cramjomlin

5. "No homework. Only cat."

Cat sitting on top of school book
credit: DrHollie

6. Sometimes, if there's a cat in the book, they might like it.

Kitten sitting on the shoulder of man reading in his library
credit: chiquitamichi

7. Subtle, cat.

Cat sitting on book
credit: DownInAfrica

8. Well, that's a bit dramatic.

Cat rolling around on book
credit: piplup78944

9. "Hello, it is I, Good Dog, requesting your full attention."

10. "Books are only good for one thing, and one thing only -  sleepin."

Cat asleep on paperbacks
credit: Lyssahumana

11. "Werewolves? Where cats!?"

12. "Don't even think about it, hooman."

Cat sitting in a bunch of books
credit: football75365

13. I'm pretty sure all great stories have a cat butt in them.

14. "Keep moving, lady. These books are in use."

Cat laying on books
credit: Redheadlit24

15. Ok, this kitten does make a valid point.

Kitten demanding attention from reading person
credit: ekladata.com