15 Pets Who Think Books Are Dumb

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Books are direct competition for lap time and people's attention, therefore, books are dumb.

1. "I'm gonna eat this book up, and then what will you have, hooman?"

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2. "So boring I falls asleep."

3. "Surely you can do something better than read this drivel."

"Is my litter box clean?"


4. "Dis dumb. I bite."

5. "No homework. Only cat."

6. Sometimes, if there's a cat in the book, they might like it.

7. Subtle, cat.

8. Well, that's a bit dramatic.

9. "Books are only good for one thing, and one thing only - sleepin."

10. "Reading up on werewolves, apparently. Of course, he is a cat and can't actually read so the book is upside down."

11. "Don't even think about it, hooman."

12. "So this is basically how my reading sessions are - trying to dodge cat butts randomly spawning in the middle of the book. 😂😻"

13. "Keep moving, lady. These books are in use."

14. Ok, this kitten does make a valid point.


"NO, but for real. Where is the cat?"


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