18 Pets And What They're Thinking

We have the technology to read your pets' minds.

1. "You're seeing this, right?"

2. "You run away dumb dog. I is big, scary cat!"

3. "Hooman so easy to impress."

4. "I love the people who are allergic to me the best."

5. "Ugh. Monday."

You don't even have a job, cat.


7. "I meant to do that."

8. "Don't worry, hooman. I is right here."

9. "Who is the good boy. I am the good boy."

10. "Mango NOT SPOILED."

11. "Hello hello hello hello!"

12. "Finally."

13. "I hereby announce my butt."

14. "I is so smart and I'm gonna do all your homework!"

15. "Ohhh. Hooman brought the sun inside."

16. "Uh. Never mind."

17. "Are you done adoring me yet?"

18. "We are gonna get in so much trouble together."