17 Party Animals Living The Dream

Pump up the jams and put on your dancing shoes, because these animals are ready to celebrate pretty much anything.


Dog in a party hat eating a cake shaped like a bone
credit: Reddit

2. A guard dog you can trust.

Dog lying in a kiddie pool filled with ice and beer
credit: soup.io

3. Caturday Night Fever

4. Elephants never forget your birthday.

Elephant wearing a party hat
credit: Twitter

5. Pupcakes for everyone!

Dog posing with cupcakes decorated to look like dogs
credit: Reddit

6. Gonna party 'til we drop

Dog in a party hat surrounded by tennis balls
credit: Instagram


Dog lying down in pile of tennis balls
credit: Imgur

7. Excited just to be invited.

8. "I'm turning how old?"

Dog in a party hat looking alarmed
credit: Imgur

9. Noms in three... two...

Woman and two dogs in party hats blowing out candles
credit: Instagram

10. If you're planning a party for a porcupine, consider not decorating with balloons.

Porcupine wearing a party hat
credit: Reddit

11. "Why did they light my food on fire?"

Dog on man's lap looking at lit birthday candles on plate of food
credit: Reddit

12. Bliss.

Dog sticking its muzzle into a cake
credit: Jenn Pet Vet

13. "What do you mean, I have to share?"

Cat and dog with party hats and cake
credit: Instagram

14. That time of year already?

Dog wearing party hat and looking unimpressed at cupcake
credit: Imgur

15. "Ugly" is subjective.

Ugly sweater party for dogs
credit: Reddit

16. "I need all the party hats you have. All of them."

Dog standing at counter of party supply store
credit: Reddit

17. Fluffiest party ever.

Fluffy cats in birthday hats
credit: Imgur