17 Party Animals Living The Dream

Pump up the jams and put on your dancing shoes, because these animals are ready to celebrate pretty much anything.


2. A guard dog you can trust.

3. Caturday Night Fever

4. Elephants never forget your birthday.

5. Pupcakes for everyone!

6. Gonna party 'til we drop


7. Excited just to be invited.

8. "I'm turning how old?"

9. Noms in three... two...

10. If you're planning a party for a porcupine, consider not decorating with balloons.

11. "Why did they light my food on fire?"

12. Bliss.

13. "What do you mean, I have to share?"

14. That time of year already?

15. "Ugly" is subjective.

16. "I need all the party hats you have. All of them."

17. Fluffiest party ever.