16 Pictures of Neatly Organized Animals

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If you're the kind of person who enjoys sorting, cataloging, and alphabetizing, you're probably going to find this list very satisfying.

1. Puppy piano!

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2. Like a bristly little reverse Oreo

3. They'll get the timing right eventually.

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4. So cute that it's painful

5. These doggos are a step above the rest.

6. Almost there

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7. The best reason to get a roomy car.

8. While you're at the store, can you grab a gallon of milk and an 8-pack of puppers?

9. Buns and bun bums.

10. Lined up and stacked vertically for efficiency.

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11. There's always that one outlier.

12. Is it dinnertime yet?

13. Hopefully you enjoyed the peace and quiet while you could.

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14. The puppy printer is running out of ink.

15. OK, maybe not so neatly organized.

16. Some things never change.