16 Pictures of Neatly Organized Animals

If you're the kind of person who enjoys sorting, cataloging, and alphabetizing, you're probably going to find this list very satisfying.

1. Puppy piano!

Alternating black and white sleeping Labrador puppies
credit: Tumblr

2. Like a bristly little reverse Oreo

A black piglet sleeping between two pink piglets
credit: Reddit

3. They'll get the timing right eventually.

4. So cute that it's painful

Four chubby puppies in a row
credit: Reddit

5. These doggos are a step above the rest.

Four dogs on stairs
credit: Reddit

6. Almost there

7. The best reason to get a roomy car.

Six Pomeranians in the trunk of a car
credit: Tumblr

8. While you're at the store, can you grab a gallon of milk and an 8-pack of puppers?

Eight golden retriever puppies sleeping in a row
credit: mtime

9. Buns and bun bums.

Front and back view of six baby bunnies
credit: Daily Bunny

10. Lined up and stacked vertically for efficiency.

11. There's always that one outlier.

Six chocolate lab puppies sleeping on their sides and one sleeping on its back
credit: Imgur

12. Is it dinnertime yet?

Eleven rabbits and their food bowls in a row
credit: Tumblr

13. Hopefully you enjoyed the peace and quiet while you could.

14. The puppy printer is running out of ink.

Six husky puppies in a row from darkest to lightest
credit: Imgur

15. OK, maybe not so neatly organized.

A pile of puppies sleeping on the floor next to a large bed
credit: Reddit

16. Some things never change.

Five puppies in a row eating out of bowls when they're little and when they're big
credit: The Chive