17 Pets Who Think They're In A Horror Movie

They're not very scary, but they are very cute!

1. It's like Poltergeist except the skeletons came back to life to pet all the dogs.

Dog with Halloween skeleton
credit: imgur.com

2. Couch Troll is one of our favorite horror movies from the 80's.

3. Here is the G rated version of The Exorcist ...

4. Molly AKA the Thing of Evil haunts Stephen King's house.

And she is adorable!!

5. The suspense before the big scare ...

6. Here is the cutest rendition of Dracula we have ever seen:

7. When you finally see the monster and, uh, well ...

8. "It was a ghost! I swear!"

"A real scary one!"

9. "Come play with us Danny, forever and ever."

"We mostly like to play with string and catnip mousies. Sometimes crinkly paper."

10. Here's a classic, The Tabby's Shadow.

Cat looking spooky
credit: bbirdy

11. This cat is summoning demons to feed him.

12. "Boo-nes!"

"Giveee meee all the boo-nnneess!"

13. "I'm going to tell you a scary story about the time I saw ..... the bottom of my food dish."

Cat sitting by flashlight in the dark
credit: PrimitiveLoaf

This is how cats tell scary stories.

14. Photographic evidence of a ghost (according to every reality show about ghost hunters).

"Hello ghost!"

15. "Dis hooman forgot to clean my litter box!"

Cat sitting on skeleton Halloween decoration
credit: LordSethos

Geez, cat. We get it.

16. Okay, this is actually kinda creepy. Good job, cat!

Cat being weird
credit: Lpmgh

17. Interview with a Good Boy is our favorite vampire movie.