20 Pets Who Think You Should Get Out More

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We know you love your pets and prefer their company, but we need to talk ....

1. Your idea of inviting a few friends over:

2. When your coworkers ask what you did over the weekend, you tell them this:

3. A legitimate excuse not go out is that your dog fell asleep on you.

4. All the selfies on your phone look like this:

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5. You think your cat's jokes are hilarious.

6. You block out an hour every night for this:

7. Your dog dresses better than you do.

8. You engage in debates about dinner time with your cat.

9. This is what you mean when you talk about game night:

10. You engage famous chef's opinions on what you cooked for your dog's dinner.

11. Your dog looks at you like this:

"Oh boy, it's you and me again tonight."

12. You spend hours on the weekend prepping a week's worth of food .... for your cat.

13. You tell people you can't go out because your rat needs a shower.

And you mean it.


14. Your weird nighttime routine is synced with your cat's weird nighttime routine.

15. You set a place ON the table for your cat.

16. You get more excited for your dogs birthday than your own.

17. What you mean when you tell you co-workers you had a crazy night last night:

18. You lecture your cat about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

19. You spent hours on this:

20. A thing you've done instead of going out: