20 Pets Who Think You Should Get Out More

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We know you love your pets and prefer their company, but we need to talk ....

1. Your idea of inviting a few friends over:

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2. When your coworkers ask what you did over the weekend, you tell them this:

3. A legitimate excuse not go out is that your pet fell asleep on you.

4. All the selfies on your phone look like this:

5. "Why can’t you trust tacos?"

"Because they tend to spill the beans."

Chairman Meow loves laughing at his own jokes.


6. You follow your pet into every room they go.

7. Your dog dresses better than you do.

8. You engage in debates about dinner time with your cat.
Cat: feed me
Me: It is not dinner time yet
C: I am starving, look at me wasting away
M: Still not dinner time
C: incredulous look


9. This is what you mean when you talk about game night:

10. You ask famous chefs on social media about what you cooked for your pet: "Hey @GordonRamsay, what do you think about my dog's dinner?"

11. Your dog looks at you like this:

"Oh boy, it's you and me again tonight."


12. You spend hours on the weekend prepping a week's worth of food .... for your cat.

13. You tell people you can't go out because your rat needs a shower.

And you mean it.


14. Your weird nighttime routine is synced with your cat's weird nighttime routine: "It's becoming apparent that my own cat and I have way more in common than we both want to. We wake up at 2 PM, we go do our business, we only go to the living room for dinner, continue business, eat midnight snack and sleep at 4 AM again."


15. You set a place ON the table for your cat.

16. You get more excited for your dogs birthday than your own.

17. What you mean when you tell you co-workers you had a crazy night last night:


18. You lecture your cat about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

19. You spent hours on this:

20. You're hesitant to open new purchases because the cat has claimed it as their own.

"Can you please move?," you plead.