16 Hilarious Glimpses Into A Dog's Brain

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What really goes on in a dog's head? We may never know, but these hilarious memes have some suggestions.

1. How dogs see road trips.

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2. Chimken nugs, yes pls!

3. "They're speaking in code again."

4. So helpful!

5. Priorities.

6. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of insects, I will fear no stings"

7. Works for ostrich, works for doggo.

8. How humiliating.

9. Translation: Listen to your nose.

10. Just because it looks like grass...

11. Lasers, activate!

12. Good looking out, pupper.

"My wife took a bath and the pets - who all hate being washed - came into the bathroom to make sure she was OK"

Sure this is a list about dogs but this cat is clearly SHOOKETH.

13. "We will not stand for this any longer! Nor will we sit!"

14. That's one way too big step for dogkind.

15. "I don't want it, but you can't have it either."

16. There's only one explanation.


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