17 Chunky Kitties In Cute Clothes

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These cats are big. Maybe they're just really fluffy, or maybe they've been chowing down on a little extra kibble these days, but whatever the case, they're dressed to the nines, and ready to show off.

1. Guaranteed 100% cute or your money back!

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2. Cheeky.

3. Have you ever seen a prettier princess?

4. "Come on, let's hit the town. Those ladies aren't going to flirt with themselves."

5. Hold on just a second...

The shirt lies!

7. A very patriotic chonker.

8. Camo chonk.

9. No, that dress doesn't make your butt look big. Your butt makes your butt look big.

10. Grr, so tough.

11. Tennis, anyone? They don't call me a southpaw for nothing.

12. Queen of the Jungle

13. You're all invited to this chonky girl's garden party.

14. Boss cat wants to talk about your recent cuddle work.

15. Grandma thinks he looks so handsome (and she's not wrong).

16. "You are correct, I am a wonder."

17. Rapidly approaching maximum coziness!