19 of the Greatest Great Danes on the Internet

Fun fact: Great Danes aren't actually Danish! They are 100% great though.

1. Hard to believe, but this is not a photo from a lifestyle magazine.

Great Dane sitting on a bed
credit: Reddit

2. Who's a handsome boy? Is it this boy? Yes, it is!

Handsome Great Dane
credit: Reddit

3. "Help! We are trapped by an impenetrable barrier!"

4. Such majestic creatures.

Great Dane on its back
credit: Reddit

5. No, seriously, your dog is broken.

Great Dane puppy in an awkward position
credit: Instagram

6. The rare Great Dane who actually sticks up for itself.

7. Contender for the most beautiful dog in the history of everything.

Beautiful Great Dane
credit: Tumblr

8. When it's so hot that even the dogs are melting.

Great Dane with floppy flews
credit: Reddit

9. She's going to grow out of that in about ten minutes, but in the meantime EEEEEE SO CUTE!

Great Dane puppy in a tracksuit
credit: Reddit

10. This went better than expected.

11. Boop. That. Snoot.

Closeup of a Great Dane's nose
credit: Reddit

13. Flowers? What flowers?

Great Dane in a field of flowers
credit: Instagram

14. Living the good life

Great Dane on an air mattress in the sun
credit: Reddit

15. Not to be dramatic, but we would die for this dog.

Great Dane puppy
credit: Reddit

16. The sneakiest sneaker who even sneaked.

17. Ultimate lap dog.

Great Dane cuddling with woman on couch
credit: Instagram

18. "You OK, hooman? Would licking help?"

Great Dane looking down
credit: Reddit

19. Say cheese!

Smiling Great Dane puppy
credit: Reddit