19 of the Greatest Great Danes on the Internet

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Fun fact: Great Danes aren't actually Danish! They are 100% great though.

1. Hard to believe, but this is not a photo from a lifestyle magazine.

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2. Who's a handsome boy? Is it this boy? Yes, it is!

3. "Help! We are trapped by an impenetrable barrier!"

4. Such majestic creatures.

5. Working theory: Dogs have spaghetti for bones.

6. "Move over, there's room for both of us"

7. Contender for the most beautiful dog in the history of everything.

8. When it's so hot that even the dogs are melting.

9. She's going to grow out of that in about ten minutes, but in the meantime EEEEEE SO CUTE!

10. Honestly, this went better than expected.

11. Boop. That. Snoot.

13. Flowers? What flowers?

14. Living the good life

15. Not to be dramatic, but we would die for this dog.

16. The sneakiest sneaker who even sneaked.

17. Ultimate lap dog.

18. "You OK, hooman? Would licking help?"

19. Say cheese!


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