18 Profound Dog Moments

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In every dog's life, there are profound moments.

1. "What dis?"

2. When they realize it's finally fall

3. Learning that treat time follows picture time

4. The joy that is a Snow Day!

5. Learning about the element of surprise

6. When this happens

7. Realizing they can eat more than just food

8. When people find that puppy spot

9. The freedom that is a car ride

10. When that tail gets going

11. Waiting for people to come home

12. Putting up with dumb people stuff

13. Putting up with dumb people stuff, but at least you get treats

14. Giving in to temptation

15. Finding the perfect beach

16. Wearin' dumb people shoes

17. Lowering people's expectations

18. Realizing you can wake people up by staring