15 Dogs Doin Themselves A Heckin Yell

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Trust us, you'll want to unmute all of these houndy howls.

1. "[This is the] dog version of "blah blah I can't hear you". It's super effective."

2. "Life with an Alaskan Malamute when any ambulance passes by with sirens on 🤷"

(Press play to watch.)


3. "How the heck does a dog know how to match his voice in the key of that song?"

4. "Translation: You have appeased me and you shall live another year." 🤣 🤣 🤣

5. "LOL, huskies are so dramatic"

6. Them: "Can I get this on Spotify?" Me: "Sorry, it's exclusive to SoundHound for now."

7. "Let's hope the people over at r/perfectlycutscream know about this"

8. "That dog didn't even imitate the vibrato, he just did it... wow... what talent! I'm stanning."

9. "You scream, dog scream, we all scream for ice cream"

10. "Cutest. Tantrum. Ever."

11. "Very drama. Wow. Much cry. Many feels."

(This is before the vet tech even tried to take blood or give him his shots.)


12. "He's doin himself an overreact. #nevernotfunny"

13. "Can audio be deepfaked?" -- Me to myself, just now

14. "Jurassic Bark: When your pup sounds like a mix of a velociraptor 🦖 and a parrot 🐦"