18 Cute And Spooky Pets For Halloween

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It's Halloween time! It's time for our pets to get spooky and even cuter! And maybe (definitely) get some treats for wearing costumes!

1. (Sings "Dog Lobster" to the tune of "Rock Lobster")

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... and regrets it immediately.


2. Such spooky.

3. Here we have a cat in his natural environment.

4. We cannot wait for this Child's Play remake.

5. If you have black cats you don't need to spend too much on Halloween decorations.

6. Fun fact: Chucky's stunt double is a dog.

7. "How TF am I supposed to get any scary writing done in this place"

8. This good boy is waiting for The Great Pumpkin.

9. More proof that black cats don't need a costume to scare you.


11. Not sure what we walked in on here ...

12. Plot twist: it was not, in fact, a new dog toy.

13. Scary vampurrrr.

"I vant to drink your cereal milk!"


14. Black cats are always dressed for Halloween.

15. "We all bork down here!"

16. "Until he can dress himself, I'll pick the outfits! 😍"

Um, we hope he gets lots of treats for this.


17. One, two, Freddy's barking at you!

Three, four, gonna roll on the floor!


18. A cat dressed up like a mouse? That's pretty low, man.