Your Guide to Stores and Restaurants That Offer Free Treats to Dogs

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Everybody loves free stuff, especially you and your dog. Don't you enjoy going to the vet and getting free treats for your pup? You can bet he's having a great time while munching down on his complimentary Milk-Bone.


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The vet isn't the only place where you can get something fun and free for your pup. While you're out on the town, make sure you frequent these stores and restaurants to pick up something special for your beloved dog.


Starbucks has a secret menu, and one of the items on it is the Puppuccino. What exactly is this drink? Is it a cold brew with vanilla? Some kind of caramel latte? Nope. It's just whipped cream in a cup. Depending on the Starbucks, your dog's "drink" will either be free, or you'll simply be charged what extra whipped cream costs (usually around $1). Trust us, it's worth it. Dogs go nuts over this stuff, just like we love our frappuccinos. (Disclaimer: dairy upsets some dogs' stomachs, so make sure not to give your dog too much whipped cream, and if she's sensitive to dairy, avoid it entirely.)



While you're getting your chicken sandwich with fries, you could be treating your dog as well. Some Chick-Fil-A locations are known to have dog treats behind the counter, so just ask them when you order. Your dog will love them.


Just like Chick-Fil-A, the fast food drive-in restaurant Sonic gives out free dog treats to those who ask (or bark). When you pull up for a burger and tots, ask for those special treats for your dog.


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Dairy Queen

When you go into a Dairy Queen to fulfill your sweet craving, make sure you get something for your dog, too. Ask for a Pup Cup, which is a small cup of vanilla soft serve ice cream. Though it's usually free, be sure to ask, as the policy at every location can vary. Yum!


Tim Hortons

The famed Canadian chain Tim Hortons sells Timbits, which are sugary and delicious donut holes. If you go to one of the restaurants, ask for a dog-friendly version of Timbits, which comes without sugar. There is a limit of one per customer.


You're at Petco to buy dog food and toys all the time anyway, so why not sign up for their Pals Rewards? If you complete your dog's online pet profile when you sign up, you'll receive a free gift on his birthday. Not to mention, all those purchases you're making will add up to points you can redeem for discounts on products.


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A similar rewards program for pets is PetSmart, which also will send you a free gift on your dog's birthday and reward you with a free session of doggy day camp when you buy 10 at a time. A free treat and fun with other dogs? Now that's any dog's idea of a good day.


For more fun dog treats you can score at restaurants (not always for free, but usually for cheap), check out our guide to secret menu items for dogs at popular restaurants. Enjoy!