17 Hardworking Canine Units

Is there anything harder than resisting the urge to pet a police dog? Maybe, but we can't think of anything at the moment, and if you look at these photos you'll probably agree.

1. Gotta stay in tiptop shape.

2. "Please, Carl, we're at work. Act professional."

3. "Bork bork! Gonna do you an arrest!"

4. All the treats for a job well done.

5. Case closed.

6. Working the night shift is ruff.

7. Deep cover.

8. First day on the job!

9. Dressed for success.

10. "I'm ready, give me the keys."

11. Lightning reflexes!

12. "Gonna catch so many bad guys... just as soon as I get down from here."

13. The chemistry is incredible.

14. Totally not sniffing for drugs.

15. This pupper can arrest us anytime.

16. Chomps for bad guy, kisses for good guys.

17. Professional Good Boy