20 More Of The Coolest Pet Names We Saw On Social Media This Month

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The months come, the months go, but unique and unusual pet names are forever. Headlining this edition: a terrific Star Wars pun, a pup that wants to hold your hand, and a name that perfectly encapsulates the unpredictable nature of kitty zoooooomies.

1. Hiccup

Video of the Day

Could you say no to Hiccup? Could you really?


2. Wrecker

If this was an 80s kids flick, Wrecker would be the intimidating junkyard dog later revealed to be a giant cuddlebug.


3. Smudge

With more than 100,000+ followers on Instagram, Smudge isn't a secret on the cute side of the internet. But thanks to a recent post, we now know how his origin story: "As a young rabbit I had a perfect little circle of darker fur around my nose ... kind of like I'd snoofed my way into an exhaust pipe! So I looked like I had a giant Smudge of soot on my nose!"


Go ahead, try getting that image out of your head.

4. French Fry

BRB, gonna go write some fanfic recasting French Fry and Hiccup as a pair of mismatched, odd couple police detectives on a weekly procedural.


5. Pinball

"Adult teeth are coming in...Pinball chews on everything...including body parts"

Aside from the whole metal thing, Pinball is a fantastic name for cat, perfectly evocative of the species' kinetic and unpredictable nature. Commencing room-to-room turbo dashes in 3, 2, 1 ....


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6. Termite

We see you, Termite!!!


7. Nova

Someday, Nova will make his debut in the MCU. Until then, we have this adorable husky that I stumbled across on Twitter.


8. Mr. Hobo Highwaters

When Big Mood meets Powerful Aura meets Total Makeover: "Today marks 1 Year exactly since Mr Hobo Highwaters decided to come live inside with me instead of being fed daily in the alley."


9. Velcro Tripwire von Trapp & Oates Side-Saddle McBride

Because, honestly, the only thing better than one ridiculous pet name is two. And reminder: You can share your pet's name — the more unusual and creative the better — with us on Facebook, where these two first surfaced.

10. Pinch

"I would gladly suffocate to death if this is how Pinch wants to nap"

Personal space? Pinch is here for it.

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11. Moon Unit

Could you imagine waking up only to find this lunar unit mean-mugging the living heck out of you? One shudders at the thought.

12. Sydley J. Fogglebottom, esq. III

10/10 would retain this cat as legal counsel for a prolonged trial defense.

13. Hot Dog

We've seen pets — like Milk, the black cat — named against their likeness but we've yet to see one tagged with a handle inspired by their literal opposite. Setting aside all that, I would relish the chance to hang with Hot Dog here because he looks like he has LOADS of personality.

14. Sprout

You had us at dogs and their favorite stuffies, Sprout.

15. Pocket Lint

"Pocket Lint is still learning how to put her eyeliner on, but I think she is doing fabulous for a 2 month old."

Very smol, much tufts.

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16. Admiral Snackbar

Here's hoping this terrific Star Wars pun isn't an elaborate ruse.

17. Tuxedo Winnie

Deco vibes FTW!

18. Castiel

We aren't the only Supernatural fans out there, it seems.

19. Fizzy (aka F1ZZY)

Blessed be the Facebook tag groups for they are the only thing that keeps the social media behemoth from turning into a total trash fire.


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