18 Dogs Celebrating Their Birthdays

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Sure, human birthdays are cool, we guess, but a dog's birthday is something truly special!

1. "Thanks! A hamburger cake is great, but an actual hamburger would've also been great! Just saying!"

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2. Koda's birthday is so perfectly color-coded.

3. This party looks super fun!

4. "Mmm, a red velvet cake is just the thing!"

5. Someone doesn't look too thrilled to be turning one.

6. Who doesn't love a birthday bone treat?

7. Not everyone appreciates celebrating another trip around the sun.

9. "I'll eat this one later."

10. This husky is so happy on his special day!

11. Let's pawty, indeed!

12. "Hey, that's not a real cake!"

13. It's not a true birthday without a birthday bib!

14. This dog has a jealous onlooker in the background! Watch out!

15. This birthday present haul is impressive!

16. Kibble makes an amazing cake topping.

17. Sometimes you just can't wait to dig into the frosting.

18. Don't forget to make a wish!


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