17 More Of The Coolest Pet Names We Saw On Social Media This Month

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The year is drawing to a close but the name train keeps on chugging. Headlining this month's column: a cat named for all the foods, a four-letter pet name inspired by a Disney sorceress, and a literary pun for all the bookhounds out there.


1. Cheeto Bean Burrito

Video of the Day

Animals named after food? Pretty common. Animals named after all the foods? That's some what the heck word salad.


2. Jorts, JNCO, Top Hat, Turtleneck & Pocket Lint

Tag yourself, I'm Top Hat, the one in the middle who just flopped dramatically to the ground.

3.  Baroness von Peanut butter Cat'n Crunchiez

Because we will never not stan pets with ridiculous honorifics.


4. Apollinaris, Beelzebub, Blatherskite, Buffalo Bill, Satan, Sin, Sour Mash, Tammany, Zoroaster, Soapy Sal & Pestilence

Surprising: Mark Twain was apparently a big cat dude. Less surprising: He had a knack for pinning some terrific handles on his four-legged pals. Like, say, Soapy Sal and Pestilence (?!?!?).

The things you can learn on Twitter these days....

5. Porkchop Hammingway

Speaking of great American writers (how's that for a perfect pivot?), another noted cat dude, Ernest Hemingway, is in the inspiration for the pigly pun above. There's probably a Moveable Feast joke in here somewhere but I just can't seem to finesse it out.


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We've seen letter jumbles pass for pet names before but Yzma here is actually named after a Disney villain, which — confession — I did not know. Credit that assist to this lengthy list of pet names inspired by Disney characters which I found on this very website.


7. Rhombus

rhom·bus /ˈrämbəs/ noun — a parallelogram with opposite equal acute angles

A pup named after a geometry concept? We'll cosine on that. But no matter how you do the math, cute angles > acute angles, always & forever.


8. Quilty

Quilty, a cat who rocketed to internet fame after he was caught repeatedly jailbreaking his fellow felines from a closed room at a Houston-area shelter, has since found his forever home. The hijinx, it seems, have come to an end but the legend — and the name — will live on.


9. Booster

Commence with the room-to-room turbo dashes because Booster is a terrific name for a rambunctious catto — or just one that lives to loaf and loafs to live.


10. Peeves

"So I lost my cat this morning after making breakfast [and] ran all over the park to see if she would respond and my boyfriend sends me this 😭😂😂😂😂"

It's not just an expresh: Some people really do have pet Peeves!

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11. Holten

Ancestry.com claims that Holten is German for "small wood" or "stony hill" but to these ears it's the sort of name a supporting character from a snobbish family on a weekly drama set in a tony East Coast prep school might have. Also: 'dem ears!

12. Pancake

wings as flat as his namesake

Haha, that is the look of a chonky cat who has seen some serious sh*t.

13. Captain Waffles

"Come in, tower. Captain Waffle here, we seem to have lost a wing. Please advise. Crash landing appears imminent."

I suppose there's a possibility that the Captain prefixing Waffles is but an embellishment on the captioner's part but I'm going to feign complete and utter indifference until authorities report otherwise.

14. Pitzki

Google Translate refuses to lend confirmation to this but Pitzki is apparently Hebrew for "tiny one" and well, it seems pretty apt for this pocket-sized tuxedo kitteh.

15. Prismo

I don't know what Prismo means but I sure do like the way it rolls off the tongue.

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16. General Cutie & Mr. Chicken

Cats with funny names sporting cozy sweaters. That's it, that's a future list.

17. Theodorable

Reminder: You can share your pet's name — unusual or otherwise — with us on Facebook, which is how Theodorable, the pom with fantastic hair pictured above, trended onto our radar.

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