Can You Make It Through These Pictures Of A Porcupine Eating Fruit Without Exploding From Cuteness Overload?

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So there's this porcupine (aka a thorn pig) named Vinnie who lives at the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue in Bowmanville, Ontario, which is located about an hour's drive east of Toronto.

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Due to his very relatable affinity for fruits and veggies, he's become something of a sensation on the cute side of social media.


Some of his preferred eats include carrots...


...and pears.

But he's not what you would call a picky eater. No, Vinnie is an equal opportunity comestible connoisseur.


Case in point: this kiwi...

...this cucumber...

...and this bowl of assorted greens.

None of them ever stood a chance.


But Vinnie's go-to fave is... drumroll...WATERMELON.

According to volunteers at the sanctuary, he even does a little jig at its sight.

"He spins in circles, runs around, and makes all kinds of noise!⁣" they captioned a picture uploaded to Facebook.

Good luck getting that vision out of your head

This is true, they add, no matter the time of year. Winter, spring, summer, and fall—watermelon is Vinnie's ride or die.

::We interrupt our programming to bring you a photo of Vinny drinking from a bottle::

In conclusion, get someone to look at you the way Vinnie the porcupine looks at fruit and vegetables—except pumpkins, because everyone knows pumpkins are total trash.





J/K, Vinnie noms pumpkins too, it was just cold out. Never change, Vinnie, never change.

Our condolences to everyone who expired scrolling through this post (RIP YOU).


BONUS: Here's video of Vinnie doing what he does best:

And Olive, an unrelated porcupine at the Los Angeles Zoo crushing some corn on the cob (hereafter COTB).

"She sounds like a typewriter." 🤣 🤣 🤣