Cuteness Picks: The 7 Pet Products We're Throwing Money At This Week

Cuteness may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Cuteness may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

Hello and welcome back to Cuteness Picks, our weekly roundup of the best pet products from websites both big and smol.

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This week, we aim the spotlight on "poop propaganda," another ridiculous pet bed, and a must-have coffee table book for anyone interested in the history of cat photos.


1. Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed

In the belly of a beast rests another .... beast?!?

Such are the possibilities with the photo-friendly Great White Shark Cat Ball, a cave-shaped sphere that entices kittos in with openings on either end. Made of foam and fabric, the machine washable design offers the perfect spot for tired cats to stretch, roll around, hatch diabolical plots, and dream about chimken.


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Also available in a range of colorful, geodesic patterns — nearly two dozen in total. Find the whole range at The Cat Ball and Amazon.

2. Squeaky Goose Dog Toy

Tough dogs need tough toys.


Enter this Squeaky Goose Dog Toy, which the manufacturer bills as "indestructible." Inside the footlong stuffed waterfowl is a squeaker to pique your pup's attention, while they shake, toss, and fetch their new cuddle companion.

But it's not all fun and games: The super soft plushy has been demonstrated to remove dental calculus, freshen breath, and clean canine teeth.

Available at Vitscan and Amazon.

3. Sheer Fun For Cats Toy Set

The expensive gift you bought for them? Pffft, cats just want the packing paper that came with it.


All of which explains the runaway success of the Sheer Fun For Cats Toy Set, a panel of 18"x 32" durable sheer fabric that can be draped over almost anything with Velcro hooks and fasteners. Sewn into its trim is irresistible crinkle paper, the better to stimulate natural cat instincts like dives, pounces, hides, and stalks.

Available at Sheer Fun For Cats and Amazon.

4. The Essential Poop Bag

Look, sh-t is gonna happen. And how you handle said sh-t says a lot about you.


As with most of life's trials, the answer is LOLs. Case in point: BarkBox's Essential Poop Bags, which come stamped with an assortment of clever tags and puns. (Never let an opportunity to turn a poop joke go to...wait for it...waste.)

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But these stool satchels aren't just for show: Made with EPI technology, the 100% oxo-biodegradable design is thick, durable, and leakproof (heck and yeah).


300 to a box and available at Amazon.

5. Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Sand, pavement, ice: All can take a painful toll on your pet's paws.


Keep the peets paw-tected (soz, not soz) with Musher's Secret Wax, a cream that can be easily applied to sensitive pads and toes. The non-toxic formula seals almost immediately to provide a welcome buffer against owies like abrasions, burns, and cracks.

Available at Amazon and Chewy.

6. Personalized Pet Bowls And Mat Set

Like humans, pets need a dedicated spot of their own to eat and drink.


Help them own said spot with this fetching bowl and mat set which can be personalized with their handle — up to 12 characters — and icon and color of choice.

Available at Hammacher.

7. Walter Chandoha. Cats. Photographs 1942 - 2018

Before the memes, there was the muse. Enter this new hefty tome by photographer Walter Chandoha, widely credited as the godfather of cat photography. The book is edited by Susan Michals, whom attentive Cuteness readers might remember as the creator of CatCon and the Cat Art Show.

Available at Amazon, Powells, and Taschen.

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