20 of the Best Boxer Dogs on the Internet

Boxers are known for being smart, loyal, and energetic, and for having enough wiggle in their butts to power an entire neighborhood.

1. Classic puppy dog eyes.

Boxer dog looking at camera
credit: Reddit

2. Laser-like focus.

3. "I think you know where I'm going with this."

Boxer dog with tennis ball
credit: Instagram

4. So stylish!

Boxer puppy wearing argyle coat
credit: Reddit

5. The winningest smile.

Boxer dog smiling with lower teeth at camera
credit: Instagram

6. "Yeah, it's definitely empty."

Boxer dog standing with front paws in food bowl
credit: Instagram

7. Gotta love those little toofers peeking out.

Boxer dog in pool with lower teeth sticking out
credit: Reddit

8. "Excuse me. Attention please."

Boxer puppy
credit: Reddit

9. Sand? Whatever. Lime? FREAK OUT.

10. The spot: you found it.

Boxer dog getting its butt scratched
credit: Reddit

11. Some assembly required.

Sleeping Boxer puppy on person's legs
credit: Reddit

12. Thinking deep thoughts, no doubt.

Boxer dog looking out window
credit: Reddit

13. "I'm keeping it warm for you."

Boxer dog wrapped in blankets on bed
credit: Instagram

14. You know she can dunk.

Boxer dog in a jersey with a basketball
credit: Reddit

15. What a difference a year makes!

Two Boxer dogs together as puppies and as adults
credit: Reddit

16. Oops?

Boxer dog opened the window during a car wash
credit: Twitter

17. Such a boopable snoot.

Boxer dog laying in bed on blankets
credit: Instagram

18. Guess you'll have to find another way to keep him off the couch.

19. "You wouldn't believe how many channels I pick up with these things!"

Boxer puppy with big ears rolling in grass
credit: Instagram

20. Drool on your face in three, two, one...

Boxer dog photographed from below
credit: Instagram