22 More Of The Coolest Pet Names We Saw On Social Media This Month

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What pet name trends will the new decade bring? It's impossible to say with any certainty. Until they emerge, let's look back with one final batch of cool pet names on social media from 2019.

1. Mango Firetruck

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Further proof that children have the richest imaginations:

2. Scuba Steve

Some things are best left unexplained. Just be happy that you share a world with a kitten named Scuba Steve. He's a real cat and he's out there living his best life.

3. Blanket Rick

If you ask politely, Blanket Rick might share his keepsake with you. Especially if you have something to share with him. Like tasty chimken. (Disclaimer: Blanket Rick is technically his winter nickname, as his regular name is Rick.)


4. Swizzle & Cheese = Swiz Cheese or Cheesewiz

No matter how you do the math here, the equation leads you to a tandem pet name that's an instant classic.


5. Heist

Operator: "911. What is your emergency?"

Me: "I'd like to report a robbery."


Operator: "What was stolen?"


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6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Because it wouldn't be an edition of The Coolest Pet Names We Saw On Social Media This Month without at least critter named after a breakfast dish.


7. Zapallo

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Foreign languages can be an endless source of pet name inspo.

8. Nick Furry

A one-eyed cat named after the architect of The Avengers with a punny twist? We will never not be here for that. STANNING NOW AND STANNING FOREVER.

Furry actually lingered in a Chicago shelter for a bit until his vet, @Doctor1Hundred, held an online poll to christen him with a new handle. Like Fury, the other contenders were all one-eyed movie characters, which is both bold and brilliant.

Naturally enough: Critter Twitter leaned in hard when word of Fury's status started to spread and a new adoptive home soon presented itself!

👏 Great job, everyone. 👏


9. Tonks

Pluralizing common nouns makes everything cuter, but then Tonks here is actually named after a character from the Harry Potter universe. You probably knew that already. (I, a plebe, did not.)


10. Tobasaur

Apparently, the teens in his household refuse to embrace the Tobasaur moniker and refer to him only as "Toby." RUDE!


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11. Wompus

Coolest. Copilot. Ever.


12. Mr. Cab Calloway

Please, put some respect on his handle. That's Mr. Cab Calloway to you.

13. Gozer

Half cat, half meerkat = total legend.

14. Dobrik

Today in things I can't believe I'm typing: Dobrik is named after David Dobrik, a YouTube personality with something like 4.5 million subscribers.

15. Muncher

When your name and game are one & the same. Total sublimity.

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16. Crunchwrap Supreme

And this concludes the portion of our programming framed around pet names inspired by the foods.







J/K, I lied. SIKE!

17. Bagel Bite

According to his person, Bagel Bite LOVES making funny faces. Never change, BB, never change.

18. Rumble

If looks could kill, you'd be RIP already.

19. Eggs

Imagine waking up to this goober every morning.

20. Huxley

Reading over my shoulder is a usually a major pet peeve, but exceptions, well, they will be made. On an aside, is it possible to die from wholesome content? Asking for me.

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21. Frisbee

💯Total specimen 💯

22. Pounce de Lyon

Hard agree: "Pounce de Lyon pretty much named himself. He would discover something then pounce [and lay] on it. That's the best kind of name in my book."

Reminder: You can share your pet's name — unusual or otherwise — with us on Facebook, which is how Frisbee and Pounce de Lyon here trended on to our radar.

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