18 Dogs That Are Actually Royalty

Move aside, Queen Elizabeth—these dogs are the real royals!

1. Doesn't get more regal than this!

2. That crown is a work of art!

3. So distinguished! Just like a queen!

4. It really is not the size of the crown that matters, but the royal soul inside.

5. This tiara gives Kate Middleton's a run for its diamonds!

6. Only the best champagne for a couple of royals.

7. Please bow before this royal.

8. "I demand a curtsy."

9. So poised. So elegant.

10. Time for the coronation.

11. His Royal Highness will grant you an audience now.

12. Absolutely majestic.

13. Ready for a royal wedding.

14. Hello, your Majesty!

15. A treat truly fit for a king.

16. Total blue blood.

17. A king, a queen, and a princess.

18. "Behold my throne."