18 More Of The Coolest Pet Names We Saw On Social Media This Month

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Are you obsessed with uncommon pet names? Then you've clicked through to the right place.

1. Fishstix

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Ring Vanna White, because sometimes all a pet name needs is twisting a letter or two to arrive at something both familiar and completely original.


2. Zontik

There's a certain irony, I suppose, in using an everyday item as the inspiration for an unusual name to help your pet stand out from the masses. Channeling that same impulse, however, through a foreign language is truly some next level pet naming.


tl;dr Zontik translates from Russian as "umbrella" and I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts there isn't another cat on the planet with the same handle.

3. Trunks

Another month, another common noun pluralized for effect. According to his person on Facebook, Trunks was rescued off Craigslist as a kitten, when his name was — GET THIS — Adam West.


4. Niblo

Anthony Hopkins is a cat dude? Anthony Hopkins is a cat dude!

Per the Googles, Niblo is derived from Welsh and is a term of endearment for a little boy, both of which track with what we know about Hopkins and his four-legged pal, who has been making more blink-and-you-miss-it appearances on social media of late.


5. Skidz

I'm sorry to report that I won't be able to finish the rest of this column because I have officially PERISHED. Skidz, dear, you are perfect in every single way.


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6. Lunchbox

Tipping the scales at a whopping 23 pounds (or 3 times the weight of the average house cat), Lunchbox has emerged as something of a viral sensation on the social feeds of the Oklahoma Humane Society.


Following a wave of media interest, this chonky specimen was relocated to a local foster home, where he has since embarked on a weight loss quest/program. Updates as we get them ...

7. Rambo Stallone

Sometimes the actor and the role become one and the same in the eyes of the audience. Be it accidental or deliberate, that blurring can definitely lead to the LOLs, like Rambo Stallone, which I would take any day over, say, Daniel Bond or James Craig.


8. Baron Rooster Von Taternoggin

Never change, Baron Rooster Von Taternoggin, never change.

RANT & REMINDER: Sharing pet news is the only acceptable use for a chalkboard on Instagram.


9. Lumos

Cats named for their colors aren't all that uncommon — see this list of 300+ names for white cats that lives on this very website — but Lumos puts a new spin on the approach. Adjacent to both luminosity and luminescence, it ties back to lux, the Latin root for light.

But Lumos isn't just for etymologists pouring over ancient texts because a whole generation of children (now adults) also know that it doubles as one of the first spells Harry Potter learns during his wizard quest.

10. Slobber Chops

Please, put some respect on the name. That's Mr. Slobber Chops, to you.

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11. Nezuko

Nezuko can be translated from Japanese in at least three ways. The first, most common importation is simply "cat". That's not particularly creative, but, hey, it works. The second, softer reading is "snowball flower," which is certainly more evocative. The third, most specific association is to a species of coniferous trees native to the islands of southern Japan.

Complicating all of these interpretations: Nezuko is also the name of a popular character from Demon Slayer, a manga and anime franchise. In that series, Nezuko toggles between mortal and demon form and is gifted with an assortment of superpowers. Your mileage may vary but that can be seen as a metaphor for life with cats. Shrugs!

12. Rorschach

What do you see?

13. Speedo

Get there faster with abbreviations: Some know him as Speedometer, but to his friends and fam, he's Speedo.

14. Smush

Because disheveled cats that look like Monday mornings with names to match are never not funny.

15. Bartholomew & Cool Whip / Coolw Hip

"Let the exorcism commence."

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16. Umlaut

"I have a cat with pretty unique markings so I had to find a unique name for him."

This is a first: A pet named after a diacritical glyph, which is a fancy, specialized linguistic term for accent.

Because I always try to stay in my lane, I'll let the online dictionary do the heavy lifting here: "A mark ( ¨ ) used over a vowel, as in German or Hungarian, to indicate a different vowel quality, usually fronting or rounding."

17. Bubo

Lumos isn't the only cat on this list with a classical pedigree. Latin for owl, Bubo was so named for his big yellow eyes, which, according to his human, glow like that of a bird.

18. Bizkit

Fact: Making Bizkits > Making Biscuits

We'll end this column as it began: With a common dish filtered through an unconventional spelling that is as cute as it is memorable.

Reminder: You can share your pet's name — unusual or otherwise — with us on Facebook, which is how Bubo and Umlaut here trended on to our radar.

Looking for an unusual name for your new pet? Check out our list of unique names for cats and unique names for dogs, and let us know your favorites!


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