16 Dogs Living Their Best Lives on Vacation

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These dogs are absolutely living it up while on vacation, and we are just green with envy!

1. Oh, yes, this is living.

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2. That yacht life can't be beat!

3. It's not a pool day without a floating bed.

4. "Actually, I think I'd rather be sunbathing with a pina colada in my hand."

5. Camping can be ruff.

6. "Wastin' away in Margaritaville!"

7. Adelaide's first vacation was a big hit!

8. This pup had the whole beach to himself!

9. Hikes to waterfalls are always a good time!

10. What a perfect photo-op!

11. Vacations aren't just about the beach, ya know!

12. Look at this high roller!

13. New York state of mind!

14. Sightseeing while on vacation is a must.

15. Visiting beautiful Mexico!

16. The Washington monument is majestic!